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September 3, 2011

More Garment Heat Film...

Today's challenge was to take a photo and transform the basic design of the photo onto a tee-shirt with vinyl heat film. 

The customer (my son in this instance) wanted a shirt to follow the sign as close as possible. The sign on the truck may be a little rustic, but he says that sign and word of mouth is the only advertising the his friend does and, it works.  So... if it ain't broke, don't fix it!!!   Uh, in this case do fix it and hire this handyman to do it!

Here's the picture that I used for original artwork...

Lucky for me, I have recently used a font similar to this and worked a simple draft.  Piece of cake.  I did it up in Corel Draw and exported it to a jpg for viewing.

The customer requested that the letters be spread apart, if I could.  Easy enough to do with kerning.  Then I started asking myself what kind of challenge would it be to get it closer yet to the photo image.  I stepped up to the plate and loaded the graphic from Corel to my cutter software then loaded the image in the background and got to work editing nodes.  I moved the little boxes around to match the hand painted sign.  Not so much a challenge, but more like how much time would it take.

After hours sitting in front of the computer moving nodes and changing node properties I feel pretty good that I've got a close match.  I can now reduce the size of the cut graphic (not to waste expensive vinyl) and cut a sample to see if it's ready for customer approval. 

My options are (1) to layer yellow lettering on black vinyl and put on any color of shirt.  Do-able but expensive because I would need to use twice as much material.    (2) Apply yellow lettering on a black shirt or (3) reverse weed the graphic in black (in the sample it's green scrap) and press it on a yellow shirt so the shirt shows through the lettering and looks like yellow lettering.   Either way is do-able, but in this case I reverse weeded and here's the sample.

Now I just need to get the t-shirts and get 'em done.  I will post pics of this when the job is complete.